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The dBs 5100A-BD is an Bi-directional broadband, 10 element, higher performance, collinear dipole phased array designed specifically for use as a Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) antenna. It exhibits very low side lobe levels and negative angle radiation (minimizes multipath). The above the horizon null filled pattern minimizes the radiated cone of silence. The antenna handles input power to 5,000 watts at standard DME pulse duty cycle and operates over its entire frequency range with an input VSWR at 50 ohm of less than 2.0:1.

This antenna provides vertically polarized, bi-directional coverage with main beam of radiation uptilted to minimize the effects of ground reflections. The horizontal HPBW is a nominal 50. The array has two integral monitor probes which constantly sample the RF signal delivered to the antenna.

The array is enclosed and effectively weatherproofed within a filament wound and ground smooth fiberglass radome for prolonged trouble free use under severe environmental conditions. The Bi-directional radiation pattern is produced via two full length pattern shaping elements. Mounting is made by means of an integral base flange with 6 each mounting bolt holes. All RF input/output ports are type N receptacles.

Obstruction light power is fed through the array and provision is made for mounting an obstruction light and/or lightning arrestor at the top of the array.

Lightning rod kit, obstruction light, pipe adapter (with or without cover) and plate adapter are available option items.

The Model dBs 5100A-BD DME antenna has been designed for ruggedness, lightweight, minimum size, long life and in accordance with FAA-E-2754 and FAA-E-2100. Exceeds the requirements of the UK CAA specification.

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