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510A-HS DME ANTENNA, High Strength

dBS Part Number: 510300-103

The dBs 510A-HS is an 8 element, high performance, full service, all band, Omni-Directional, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) antenna.

This Omni-Directional antenna has 8 active elements and other components which produce high main lobe and horizon gain with wide beam width.

The antenna is light weight, small, and 100% all metal tubular construction making it extremely rugged and lightning rod compatible. The array is enclosed and effectively weatherproofed within a lightweight, small diameter filament wound and ground smooth fiber glass radome. The radome and base has been ruggedized to withstand greater wind loading. Optional pipe adapter permits attachment of the antenna to a 4" O.D. pipe and optional plate adapter.

Two monitor probes are provided.

All 3 RF connectors are type N jack.

It is interoperable with lightning rod assembly and/or dual obstruction lights.

The Model dBs 510A-HS DME antenna has been designed for ruggedness, lightweight, minimum size, long life and in accordance with FAA-E-2754 and FAA-E-2100. It also exceeds the requirements of the UK CAA specification.

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