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510A-L DME ANTENNA, OMNI-DIRECTIONAL, Lightweight with Integral Pipe Mount

The dBs 510A-L is an 8 element, high performance, full service, all band, Omni-Directional, Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) antenna. It is a lightweight version of the FAA certified dbs 510A.

This Omni-Directional antenna has 8 active elements and other components which produce high main lobe and horizon gain with wide beam width.

The antenna is very light weight (10.2 lbs.), small, and is of 100% metal tubular construciton making it extremely rugged. The integral pipe adapter permits direct attachment of the antenna to a 2 7/8" O.D. pipe.

Monitor probes are not provided.

The main RF input connector is Type N Jack.

The Model dBs 510A-L antenna has been designed for ruggedness, lightweight, minimum size, long life and in accordance with FAA-E-2754 and FAA-E-2100.

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