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Vertical Pattern

Horizontal Pattern

dBs 620-D in 180 Reflector Position

dBs 620-D in 260 Reflector Position

620-D, Variable Beamwidth ADS-B ANTENNA

The dBs 620-D, Variable Beamwidth, is a 2 element high performance, full service, omni-directional, automatic dependent surveillance broadcast antenna. Frequency range is 978, 1030 and 1090 MHz (no adjustments or tuning required).

This omni-directional antenna has 2 active elements and other components which produce high main lobe and horizon gain. Gain, main beam from 13.2 dB/iso min HPBW(35) to 6.8 dB/iso at max HPBW(210). Gain, horizon 2 db down from main beam peak gain. The main lobe of the vertical pattern has been squinted to 10 above the horizon for improved multipath performance. The main lobe of the vertical pattern can be adjusted Between 0 and +30 above the horizon upon request (Contact Factory for Details).

The antenna is light weight, small, and is of 100% all metal tubular construction making it extremely rugged.

Main RF input connector is type N jack.

The Model dBs 620-D Variable Beamwidth ADS-B antenna has been designed for ruggedness, lightweight, minimum size, long life and in accordance with FAA-E-2754 and FAA-E-2100. It also exceeds the requirements of the UK CAA specification.

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