Performance Characteristics:


  • Type: Co-linear Cylindrical Dipole Array. Shaped Vertical beam and Omni-Directional Azimuth Beam.

  • Circularity: Omni-Directional to within 1 dB

  • Operating Frequency: 1030 MHz (no adjustments or tuning required)

  • Array: 12 radiator assemblies (86 Aperture)

  • Polarization: Vertically polarized

  • Gain, main beam: 8 dB/iso, minimum

  • Gain, horizon: 6 dB/iso, minimum

  • Main beam elevation location: 4 1 above horizon

  • Slope (Vicinity of horizon): 1 dB/ min

  • Power Handling Capability: At least 4 kW peak RF power at 1 sec pulse width and a pulse repetition frequency of 300 Hz.

  • Impedance: 50 ohm nominal

  • VSWR: Not greater than 1.5:1 (1030 MHz)

  • Vertical Field Pattern: The radiation pattern of the antenna in the vertical plane has a lobe of energy not less than 10 degrees wide at the half-power points. The power gain at angles between 8 and 90 degrees below the horizon shall be lower than the power gain at the peak of the major lobe above the horizon by at least 16 dB. The power gain at angles between 4 and 60 degrees above the horizon shall not pass under a straight line joining the points of co-ordinates (+4, 0 dB), (+10, -2 dB), (+20, -8 dB), (+30, -11 dB), (+40, -14 dB), (+50, -19 dB) and (+60, -24 dB) with values referenced to the peak of the major lobe above the horizon. See Figure 1 for Gain Mask and Typical Vertical Pattern.

  • Size: 132.5" long, 12 radiator assemblies (driven elements) plus a choke assembly at each end, 3 1/4" OD radome. Has top cap, base flange and Air Terminal Assembly.

  • Weight: 32 lbs Including Air Terminal and Base Adapter.

  • Physical Design: A metal tube, 1.75" OD x .040" wall thickness runs through center of antenna for full length which acts as the Lightning Down Conductor. RF transmission line assembly is located within this tube.

  • Weather Proofing: Entire Antenna, including all cable connectors is weather proofed such that removal/replacement of radome is possible without sealing compounds.

  • Antenna Mounting and Material: 8 ea. 0.397 Dia. Through Holes on 10 Dia. Bolt Circle. Antenna Base Adapter is Aluminum finished in Chemical Film (Iridite).

  • Temperature: -50C to +50C

  • Humidity: 5 to 100%

  • Rain: 4 inches per hour

  • Vibration: 10 Hz 2 kHz/10g Peak

  • Shock: Basic Transportation

  • Wind Loading: Withstands without damage 100 mile per hour gusts

  • Ice Load: 56 lbs/sq ft

  • Elevation: 0 to 10,000 ft Above Sea Level

  • Lightning Protection: The Lightning Arrester tip is greater than 30 above the highest point of the antenna. The combined height of the antenna and Lightning Arrester is greater than 11 feet. Total down conductor current carrying capability is at least 155 Amps. Two -20 bolts located at antenna base serve as ground point connection points.

  • Connectors RF: Type N Female per MIL-C-39012. Connector is centered in the base of the antenna for easy interconnection.

  • Radome Color: White (The Air Terminal is left raw aluminum and is not painted).

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