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Vertical Pattern


The three element dBs 100 VDB antenna is a high gain, elliptically polarized, VHF data broadcast antenna. It exhibits an omni-directional azimuth pattern and a shaped vertical pattern which provides optimal gain and ground multipath attenuation.

The elliptical polarization provides 4 dB more gain in the horizontal plane than the vertical plane.

The 3 element VDB antenna is less site sensitive than the single element VDB antenna.

The 3 element VDB antenna provides VHF data uplink service for all appropriately equipped aircraft within an approximate 20 nmi (or greater) radius of the LAAS ground station.

It is specifically designed to operate with VDB transmit signals operating from 108 to 118 MHz.

Peak power handling capability for the dBs 100 is > 250 Watts CW. The main lobe gain is 4.0 dBi for the Horizontally Polarized Component and 0.0 dBi for the Vertically Polarized Component.

Location of main lobe is approximately 12 above the horizon. Type N female coaxial receptacles are used for all RF interfaces. RF input is 50 ohm nominal and VSWR is less than 2.0:1.

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